To provide you with the correct resources, processes, and mentors to bring your invention to life. Using the steps below, we've perfected a lean approach to inventing that allows your idea to hit market in ~12 months. 

1) IDEATION: Let's hone in on the need you are solving and brainstorm ways to solve it. This step is best done with a frosty beverage to help spur creativity.

6) USER STUDIES: Time to put your invention into the hands of the user. How do they operate it? Does it serve the need you were hoping? 

7) FUNDRAISING: Using a variety of models including a friends & family round, crowd funding, angel investors, and even venture capital, we raise the necessary funds to get to manufacturing. 

2) RAPID PROTOTYPING: Build - Break - Repeat! Using our 3D printers (or our partners depending on material) we'll create your inventions MVP (minimal viable product). 

8) MANUFACTURING: We'll help find and facilitate a contract manufacturer that can produce your product. This starts with tooling for manufacturing and then leads to your first production run! 

3) PATENT & TRADEMARK: Does the prototype function as planned? Does it fill the need as you had hoped? If so, let's begin the patent & trademark process so we can begin sharing the idea with others.

9) SALES PLANNING: The best products have a fully developed business to consumer & business to business (retail) sales models. Using our target market research, let's create sales verticals and start CLOSING!

4) MARKET RESEARCH: Let's look more into the numbers. Whether it's sitting in the library or surfing the internet, find your target market. This stage is about learning as much as we can about how a consumer behaviors with your product. 

10) EXIT STRATEGY: Does your invention provide the lifestyle business you were hoping for? Or are you looking to license your product rights and focus on something else? Let's put a 3-5 year plan in place.  

5) INDUSTRIAL PRODUCT DESIGN: This is where we make your product SEXY! We want it to fly off the shelves when it's available for purchase. We'll also tweak the design to make it more cost effective during production.  

To invent, you need a good imagination and a pile of junk.
— Thomas Edison